The arena for the practice of the Quadrigas race has a spine chord of 672 feet long by 19 feet wide. The track running around the building site is 164 feet wide.

These measures are from a book about Rome, where we learned that many measures were adopted in circuses for the practice of this sport. We believe that these are the smallest of the measures. Just out of curiosity, the Circus Maximus in the heart of Rome has a central plot above 984 feet

The arena is designed like this as it is specific for this type of coupling. As a speed traction sport, it’s important to use the lines to speed up and it’s necessary to contain the speed in the curves.

On tracks, as a security procedure, the headwaters of the arena (outer curves) are protected with a reinforced material to make sure that, in case a group bump into the bounding fences of the arena, the group does not get out of there and at the same time offer security to the riders, horses and also the spectators.

Quadrigas - Imagem Arena