Allows the braking of the car. With two (02) side handles that support the soles of traction (supporting braking occurs in sernelha)


Support the chest and neck of the animal print to strength.

Pigtail peiteira

Accessory linking to peiteira lombilho. Transmit braking force to lombilho.


And the mouth of the animal.


Support bridle and reins on the animal's head.

Pinch traction

Solas reinforced buckles prey on spools fixed in the trunk to get traction soles peiteira.

Leash chest

Accessory (current) with 02 (two) Mosquitoes (01 at each end) used to hold the animal by the ring peiteira to the rotating ring of the tip of the spear.


Accessory attached to bridles come into the hands of the driver. Used to drive the animal.

Leash word of mouth

limits the distance that horses have with each other. And prey on bridles

Sola-regulating peiteira

Accessory with holes in two (02) ends. Serve to adjust the animal peiteira